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10 Epic Viral Marketing Videos

10 Epic Viral Marketing Videos

Some companies seem to have mastered the art of creating viral marketing campaigns. Who says you can’t plan to go viral?
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While these may seem like average viral videos, all of these videos were brilliant marketing schemes that rocked the internet and brought a little slice of fame to the companies that produced them. In some cases, the results were EPIC!
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WestJet – Christmas Miracle: Real-Time Giving
GoldieBox – Princess Machine
Coca Cola – Bringing India & Pakistan Together
Contrex – Ma Contrexpérience – 97s
Carrie The Movie – Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise
LG – So Real It’s Scary
Red Bull Stratos – The Felix Baumgartner Jump
Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split featuring Jean Claude Van Damme
Pepsi MAx – Test Drive
Jimmy Kimmel Live – Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire!
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Conferencia sobre el uso del video en las empresas como estrategia de marketing, realizada en el evento “De Youtube a Entrecopas” realizado el 25 de noviembre 2011 en Madrid en colaboracion con Carlos Goytre, donde se hablo de casos de exito de empresas que han usado el video como herramienta de marketing

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